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Full Cosmetology Course

1250 Hours

Our cosmetology program is designed to prepare students to sit for the state board exam through an environment our students love! You can get hands-on as you learn the technical skills and practice what you’re learning through extensive time in our student salon and spa. Cosmetology is a people industry, and we want to help you achieve success!

You can learn from our extensive curriculum that includes a variety of useful beauty techniques as well as important business skills. We created the program so our students can develop a well-rounded skillset and feel ready to take on new opportunities after graduation.

Not only will students get the opportunity to learn the newest trends in cosmetology, but they’ll also go through our entire estheticnail, and some of our hair braiding programs!

Throughout the course, students will have the chance to learn new skills by completing written assignments, attending lectures, watching demonstrations, and getting hands-on training. From start to finish, you can be supported through one-on-one time with experienced and passionate instructors who treat you like family.

You can learn how you learn best, work hard, but also have fun while you’re preparing for a bright future in the beauty industry. You won’t regret choosing BBC Beauty Academy for your cosmetology education in Pennsylvania


Name, Title


Natural Hair Braiders Course

Teachers Course

500 Hours

300 Hours

During the teacher training program, you’ll spend 25 hours developing professional skills, such as creating lesson plans and learning about important state laws.

The other 475 hours of the course will be spent on teaching techniques related to cosmetology programs. This includes teaching students in a classroom setting, monitoring them on the clinic floor, and much more.

As part of an esthetics education at BBC Beauty Academy , you can learn a wide range of skincare best practices and science. Our curriculum has five main sections: professional practices, sciences, facial treatment, temporary hair removal, and makeup. Professional practices cover essential information such as salon safety, sanitation and disinfection, and professional image.

In the sciences segment, students get the chance to learn sciences that relate to skincare, including chemistry and product ingredients.

Facial treatment includes a wide range of fun and useful beauty techniques. Advanced facials, lash tinting, and brow lamination are just a handful of skills covered in this section of the program.

The makeup section of the course really allows students to express their creativity. In addition to all the subjects mentioned above, students get the opportunity to watch sugaring and ear candling demonstrations.

Alia Borrow


Lachae' Jordon "Cosmetology"

As a cosmetology student here at BBC Beauty Academy I get inspired everyday by the teachers and learning something new every day keeps my interest. the staff here is more than exceptional and they provide me with the tools I need to be a successful hairstylist inside the school as well as being professional outside in the hair world. BBC beauty academy gets me excited about my future.


Alia Borrow  "Cosmetology"


Jamez Smith "Cosmetology Teacher"

BBC Beauty Academy was a gem for me. The school offered me a schedule that allowed me to gain hours and knowledge for the teacher's program, while maintaining my current full time salon schedule. The school owner and staff where warm, welcoming, and supportive. I still receive support with questions and information's. Though I have graduated and passed my teachers boards. I encourage all students and teachers to experience BBC!


Esthetics  Course

The curriculum goes far beyond braiding hair. As part of our course 50 hours are dedicated to professional practices, including salon safety, sanitation and disinfection, and professional image.

Then, 125 hours are spent on science, scalp care, and anatomy. This is an important part of the curriculum, since students get the chance to learn about hair types, hair products and chemistry, and diseases of the hair and scalp.

We also spend 125 hours on cognitive and manipulative skills, which is where most of the fun happens! From managing textured hair to doing beautiful box braids, we show students how to create stunning hairstyles on many different types of hair.

300 Hours

Ahhhh, what can I say about the BBC. Here at BBC Beauty Academy, I learn to do styles that people of my culture desire, and how to style and maintain their hair. Here at BBC everyone here is like family. The place is nice, intimate, motivational, inspiring, informative, energetic…did I say inspiring? BBC Beauty Academy is the 1st  Black Owned Accredited hair school in PA. Gaining my license at a school that doesn’t leave me with any financial debt is a perc. Attending a school where most people look like you, teach you styles for you, and run by someone who looks like you is a bonus.


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